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Hallie Thompson

Hallie Thompson
Pioneer Fellowship
(Co-advisor Felix Fritschi, Division of Plant Sciences)

B.S. Biochemistry, University of Missouri

Research Interests
A majority of current maize root studies under drought are done on seedlings with only primary and seminal roots, it is important to see how maize nodal (adult) root systems respond to drought stress. The nodal root system supplies up to 80% the water maize needs to grow into maturity, making this root system particularly important in later stages of growth. I use the rainout shelters (http://mizzouwire.missouri.edu/stories/2011/drought-simulator/index.php) at Bradford Research Farm to impose drought on maize plants, enabling the study of nodal root systems under controlled water treatments in a field setting. Current projects consist of taking laboratory discoveries in the primary root system out to the field.