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Dr. Melissa G. Mitchum is a member of the Division of Plant Sciences Graduate Program Areas in
Plant Stress Biology and Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics

Melissa Mitchum

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Courses taught by Dr. Melissa G. Mitchum

Plnt S 4500/7500 - Biology and Pathogenesis of Plant-Associated Microbes (4 credit hours)

Students learn about the biology of fungi, oomycetes, nematodes, bacteria, and viruses, disease development, and possible control strategies. Includes laboratory study of pathogens, disease and life cycles, diagnosis, and method of disease control for agronomic, ornamental and woody plants. Prerequisites: 5 hours biological sciences, junior, senior or graduate standing. Instructors: Drs. Jim English, Jim Schoelz, and Melissa Mitchum. Offered: Fall semester.

Plnt S 8530 - Research with Plant Stress Agents (3 credit hours)

Students learn key research strategies for studying abiotic and biotic stress agents of plants. Students conduct an independent research project with participating faculty. Prerequisites: Plnt S 4500/7500, Plnt S 7315 or Plnt S 7320, Bio/Plnt S 8505, or equivalent. Class coordinator and instructor: Dr. Melissa Mitchum. Other instructors: Drs. Robert Sharp, Mel Oliver, Felix Fritschi, Debbie Finke, Heidi Appel, Jim Schoelz, Jim English, Jeanne Mihail, and Dale Blevins. Offered: Fall semester.






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