young corn plant

Corn is an amazingly productive crop. Each planted seed produces over 600 kernels. Few other crops are as prolific as corn.

Although planted on fewer acres, Missouriís corn crop is nearly as valuable as its soybean crop. At least 92 Missouri counties produce corn with a total acreage of about 3 million. The annual, on-farm value of Missouriís corn crop is more than $2.2 billion.

A bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds. A kernel of dent corn, the most common corn type grown in the USA, is approximately 73% starch, 8% protein, 3% oil, and 16% ash and water. Starch is an important source of energy in animal feed rations. It is also the most common feedstock for ethanol. Corn starch has a multitude of other industrial and food uses including adhesives, plastics, grits, and sweeteners. Corn protein is an important constituent of the by-products of ethanol production. These by-products are valuable constituents of feed rations for cattle. Each bushel of corn can produce 1.6 pounds of vegetable oil. Corn oil is used in hundreds of products such as cooking oils, salad oils, and margarine.