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The Crop Production project at the University of Missouri-Delta Center conducts research to develop profitable crop production systems for farmers. The project leader is Dr. Gene Stevens. Primary emphasis is finding methods to increase crop yields and decrease input costs. The Delta Center is located in the upper Mississippi River Delta region. Field experiments are conducted with rice, cotton, soybean, corn, sorghum, and wheat. The Crop Production project is part of the Commercial Agriculture Crop Team. Information from other projects at the Delta Center can be found at these links: plant pathology, weed science, soybean breeding, variety testing, irrigation and weather.

Selected Topics in Cropping Systems, Plant Nutrition, and Soil and Water

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Cotton planting dates

Poor weather can delay cotton planting and reduce stands. Field tests studied cotton yields as affected by late planting and low plant populations. READ MORE

Bioenergy Cropping Systems
sweet sorghum

Sweet sorghum and corn are being compared for ethanol yield and N response. High fermentable starch corn varieties are also being tested. READ MORE

Rice Nitrogen Management
combine small

In the Mid-South, rice N fertilization is often split between preflood and midseason applications. New methods of predicting rice yield response to midseason N were tested in Missouri. READ MORE

On-the-Go Cotton Nitrogen Sensors
Sensor cotton

Light sensors measuring cotton leaf reflectance are being calibrated for predicting cotton response to side-dress nitrogen at mid-square and early bloom. READ MORE

Liming and Soil pH
lime pile

Proper soil pH is the cornerstone of a good crop production fertility program. Field tests were conducted evaluating different types of liming materials on acid soils. READ MORE

Crop Management Software

Programs using Excel spreadsheet are available. Nitromax-optimize nitrogen rates for current prices. Cotton Replant Decison- aids in replant planning. Calibration- helps perform equipment adjustments for applying crop inputs.